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  • 13-Oct-2017 1:52 PM | Michael Brand

    For more information about the expanded opportunities for family Scouting, please visit the family Scouting page.

    Program and Membership


    Michael R. Brand

    Boy Scouts of America - Volunteer Scouter

    BSA National Fishing Task Force -  Committee Member

    BSA Central Region Outdoor Program Support Team  - Fishing  Chairman 

    BSA Certified Angling Instructor

    Aquatics Resource Education Association

    Board of Director, North Central Region Representative

    cell: 314-477-8120

  • 11-Oct-2017 2:30 PM | Michael Brand

    Increasing our opportunity to reach more youth with quality Outdoor Programing.

    FISH ON!

    Michael R. Brand

    Boy Scouts of America - Volunteer Scouter

    BSA National Fishing Task Force -  Committee Member

    BSA Central Region Outdoor Program Support Team  - Fishing  Chairman 

    BSA Certified Angling Instructor

    Aquatics Resource Education Association

    Board of Director, North Central Region Representative

    cell: 314-477-8120

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    "If you go fishing you may not catch any fish.  If you don't go fishing, you'll never catch any fish"

  • 31-Aug-2017 11:22 AM | Michael Brand

    As a member of a BSA Certified Angling Instructors /  Wild Apricot site, you can view member-only content, sign up for events, and interact with other members through member directories, discussion forums, and blog posts.  You can also perform self-service functions such as updating your profile.  

    To help you get started, and show you how to manage your membership, and introduce you to some of the functionality that might appear on our Wild Apricot site.  Please Follow this link

    New Member Guide

    I have been asked to make sure the database of BSA Angling Educators is as up to date with regards to member profiles as quickly as possible.  As they say, many hands make light work.  As such, you are responsible for updating your personal Profile.  To assist you in your efforts please follow the instructions by clicking here: Profile Update Procedures.pdf

    Deadlines for this effort is September 15, 2017.  Your compliance is needed and appreciated.

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    If you have something you would like to share please forward the item for consideration.  If you have suggestions for adds or deletes let us know.  This is your tool.

    On behalf of  all the Scouts we serve, I thank you for your time and efforts.  Until we meet, wishing you tight lines and FISH ON!

    Michael R. Brand

    BSA National Fishing Task Force -  Committee Member

    BSA Central Region Outdoor Program Support Team  - Fishing  Chairman 

    BSA Certified Angling Instructor

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  • 18-Aug-2017 4:27 PM | Michael Brand

    Click each link to see the current requirements for each Merit Badge.

    For information on Merit Badge Requirements

    Fish and Wildlife Management
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  • 23-May-2017 11:18 AM | Michael Brand

    Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing, which uses only a rod, line and a fly. 

    Tenkara is the simplest method of fly fishing in the world. Tenkara has become very popular in the United States and is a good method to use in the Southern Appalachian mountains. It is perfect for children, older beginners to the sport and seasoned fly fishing veterans.

    Tenkara is also a very effected fly fishing method, for trout, panfish or bass. Tenkara is intuitive. The method breaks down the learning curve to a few steps, which are very important steps for catching fish on a fly.

    The compact size of the collapsed rod, is perfect for anglers who hike or backpack into remote areas. If you break a section of your rod, you can replace the broken piece yourself. Simply order the broken part from Tenkara USA and pay a low shipping and handling fee.

    Tenkara is relatively inexpensive. You just need a rod, a short fly line, flies, tippet material, nippers and forceps.

    Watch the video below, an introduction to Tenkara, produced by Tenkara USA. 

    FISH ON!

  • 19-Apr-2017 2:46 PM | Michael Brand

    National Jamboree Staff - Fishing Program Area

    Additional Staff Needed!

    We currently we have 70 Fishing Staff signed up.  

    • 54 Staffers will be attending Jamboree both weeks. 
    • 8 Staffers will be attending Jamboree for week #1 only. 
    • 8 Staffers will be attending Jamboree for week #2 only.

    This provides for 62 Staffers toward the 75 Goal.  

    A full staff of 75 gives us enough staff to give each member a day to see the Jamboree or to rest.  

    We Need 13 Staffers and we need them to register now!

    Please cast the nets!!


    C. Ben Jelsema

    BSA National Outdoor Program Committee

    National Fishing Task Force Chairman

    Group Lead Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force

    2017 National Jamboree Fishing Lead   407 491-2906

  • 13-Feb-2017 11:49 AM | Michael Brand

    Show us your #FirstCatch

    Our partners at RBFF and Take Me Fishing encourage adults and children alike to get out on the water fishing and boating! 

    And we want you and your Scouts to show them your best first catch moments whether it’s the first of the day, first of the season or first of a lifetime! 

    Share and tag your first catch experiences with #FirstCatch. 

    We're collecting and showcasing them here. See what thousands of anglers across the U.S. are reeling in!

    Follow @Take_Me_Fishing and show us your #FirstCatch


    Watch Take Me Fishing's latest video. Take Me Fishing encourages adults and children alike to get out on the water fishing and boating!

  • 31-Jan-2017 11:33 AM | Michael Brand
    With any volunteer position in the Boy Scouts of America, understanding exactly what the role of that position is in the bigger picture and getting the proper training for the position is critical.

    For the new merit badge counselor a good starting point is to review the Guide for Merit Badge Counselors available at:  This resource introduces MBCs to the merit badge process, helps them gain an understanding of their unique role in advancement, and provides them with good instructional techniques for working with Scouts. 

    To find out about the availability of Merit Badge Counselor Orientation training in their area, new MBCs should check their local council’s website or contact their local district or council training committee. 

    This training is of value even to seasoned MBCs, as new counseling techniques and ideas are often times rolled out in these sessions. 

    Here is an example. New and veteran MBCs should first ask themselves a few simple questions:  Am I using the latest merit badge pamphlet and requirements for badge instruction? (Visit for current merit badge pamphlets and requirements.) 

    Do I have the skills, education, and experience currently required to teach youth the subject matter of the merit badge? Furthermore, if required as for certain badges, do I have the specialty certification or training needed to teach the badge? (Find a list of the required specialty certifications in Guide to Advancement (topic, accessible at

    Is my required Youth Protection Training (YPT) current? (If you are not sure, contact your local council service center to find out; or better yet, just log onto your My.Scouting account (https:// and take the convenient online YPT certification course.) 

    Counselor Guides

    BSA Beginner's Fly Tying Handbook 

    Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge 

    Fishing merit badge 

    Fly-Fishing merit badge 

    Michael R. Brand

    BSA National Fishing Task Force - Communications

  • 26-Jan-2017 8:29 AM | Michael Brand

    A quick up date on National Scout Jamboree 2017 to be held at SBR.

    As of today, we have nearly 75% of our Fishing Staff registered for the National Scout Jamboree.  Meaning we have about 20 staff positions to fill. We would like to fill these positions in the next 30 days.  If you have not submitted your application for Staff for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, we ask that you do so now.  

    If you have submitted your application, and you have been confirmed for service, I would like to encourage you to invite 2 fellow Scouters to share your Jamboree / CAI experience. They need not be a CAI, but consider this an opportunity to recruit a future CAI.

    Please be aware that you should have your BSA membership number handy in order to complete the application.   If you have multiple numbers, please know that the number you use for Registration will also eventually be the one that will be tied to your BSA Health & Medical Record (when the time comes to electronically submit these forms).  Also have your credit card available in order to make your $150 deposit.

     Below is the link to the 2017 National Scout Jamboree Staff Application:

     2017 Jamboree STAFF Registration

    Once on the website’s landing page, select “REGISTER NOW” to begin your application (see below),


    Please also note your CAI #!

    If you really want to serve on the fishing staff, please list Fishing as your 1,2,and 3 choice!

    Please note that applications must go through a membership verification process prior to Council approval.  This is expected to take several months and we appreciate your patience as we move everyone’s applications along.

    We are excited and hope you are too!  We thank you, in advance, for your generosity of time, talent and effort as is needed to “Live Scouting’s Adventure”.


    C. Ben Jelsema

    National BSA Outdoor Program Committee
    Chairman, BSA's National Fishing Committee
    Group Leader, Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force                                 407 491-2906 

  • 12-Jan-2017 8:24 AM | Michael Brand

    Outdoor Retailer and Adidas Outdoor Presented BSA Certified Angling Instructor - Lillian Rose Weihert the 2017 Outdoor Inspiration Award on January 11, 2017. 

    Ms. Weihert was recognized for her work in Angler Education through the Boy Scouts of America Certified Angling Instructor Program.  Ms. Weihert is the President of the Pathway to Adventure Council Venturing Officers Association, VOA, and President of Crew 191.

    The Outdoor Inspiration Awards recognize those whose efforts go above and beyond in inspiring others to engage in outdoor activities. 

    “The Outdoor Inspiration Awards is about honoring leaders in our industry who promote participation in outdoor activities, and this year’s list of finalists truly embody that mission,” said Greg Thomsen, managing director, Adidas Outdoor U.S. 

    “The Outdoor Inspiration Awards is a true celebration of what the outdoor industry and our community stands for. It is our love of the outdoors and our zeal for an adventure that fuels our passion,” said Marisa Nicholson, vice president and director of the Outdoor Retailer Show. “This event gives the industry the opportunity to celebrate the people, companies and organizations that tirelessly work to share the outdoor experience with others. 

    Join me in congratulating Lillian Rose Weihert for Delivering the Promise to the Scouts she serves.  

    FISH ON!

    Michael R. Brand


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