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How to Build a Monofilament Recycle Bin      

Materials Needed:

Note: Some land managers highly recommend making them out of 3” PVC, thereby reducing the trash being placed into bin.  They even claim that if you check bin and empty often, 2” even works!  These modifications will also drop cost significantly!

Note: Biologists believe that following opening modification should be made, and will prevent birds from entering.  If you find any sign of birds when emptying your bin, please let us know so we can update our methods accordingly. 

Installation instructions for modified opening :

  • Place the rectangular rubber sheet with the long side horizontal to the opening.
  • Slide the vent clamp onto the PVC pipe while holding the rubber sheet in place.
  • Tighten the clamp until the rubber sheet is held securely.
  • Use a utility knife to cut a vertical slit in the rubber.
This will allow your hand to pass through to deposit the used fishing line.
The slit will close when your hand is withdrawn.

Mounting the Bin to a Post:

  • Secure the Bin to a 4x4 post with the hood opening at eye level using 2 - large Zip Ties or plumber strapping. 
  • Place one strap directly under the lip of the upper shoulder and one just above the lower shoulder.
  • The plumbers strap is best secured with galvanized deck screws so they won’t rust. 
  • Leave enough room between the bottom of the bin and the ground to remove the screw cap and pull out the fishing line.
  • It is recommended the hood opening be approximately four feet above the ground or at eye level. 

Suggested items for collecting line from containers:

Remember the public is using the Bin. Please use gloves to protect yourself.

      · Grocery store bags (to collect line)

     · Nail clippers or small pair of scissors (to remove hooks, etc)

      · Large pair of pliers or large wrench (in case screw cap is too tight)     

      · Short stick with cup hook on the end (used to reach inside the Bin and pull out line without having          to put your hand inside)

      · Spray bottle with 10% bleach (for rinsing inside Bins)

     · Collect and clean (remove vegetation, lead, hooks, debris etc.) from monofilament

Mail clean monofilament waste to: 

Berkley Recycling, 1900 18th Street, Spirit lake, IA 51360-104 

Monofilament Recycle Bin    

The video outlines the process for building a bin step by step. It's fairly easy to build a monofilament recycling bin and most of the supplies you'll need can be found at your local hardware or plumbing supply store.


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