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BSA Certified Angling Instructors and BSA Angling Educators are true Conservationists.

In adddition to teaching Fishing skills and methods, we encourage Scouts to explore the meaning of Conservation, the importance of our shared Fish and Wildlife Management efforts including compliance to fishing and hunting regulations, and taking action to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species from entering our lakes and rivers.  

Through our educational efforts, we build awareness in others of the importance of maintaining  strong Outdoor Ethics, the proper application of Leave No Trace Principles and the importance of proper fish handling to improve fish survival.

We Train Trainers.  Certified Angling Instructors train hundreds of Scouters in the delivery of quality Fishing Programs which include all the conservation concepts reflected above.  These course graduates now serve as BSA Certified Angling Instructors and CAI Course Directors and continue to spread the word and positively impact conservation accross the nation.

We also provide leadership and sweat equity in shoreline enhancement and fish habitat conservation projects, monofiliament recovery efforts, reef recovery efforts, serving Scouts at the Unit, District, Council, Regional, and National Level.

Many Certified Angling Instructors have been recognized, for these efforts, as part of the William T. Hornaday Award Program.  The Hornaday awards program was begun in 1915 by Dr. William Temple Hornaday, director of the New York Zoological Park and founder of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.  He served as a champion of natural resource conservation and was a leader in saving the American bison from extinction.  

The purpose of the W.T. Hornaday Award Program, originally named the Wild Life Protection Medal, was to challenge Americans to work constructively for wildlife conservation and habitat protection and to raise awareness in others.  Mr. Hornaday died in 1937, and the Boy Scouts of America renamed the award in Dr. Hornaday's honor.  

If you would like more information read this article titled The Earth Thanks You! from Scouting Magazine May and June 2018, Pages from SC-2018-05.pdf . 

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William T. Hornaday Gold Medal Recipients:

Recoginizing individuals for their distinguished and unusual service to natural resources conservation and environment improvement over a sustanied period (at least 20 years) by the Boy Scouts of America National Office.

  • Tim Beaty
  • Ben Jelsema
  • Mike Perkins
  • Robert Sousa
  • Rick Williams

William T. Hornaday Gold Badge Recipients:

Recognizing individuals for their leadership to conservation at a council or area level for at least a three year period.

  • Tim Beaty
  • Bret Bolton
  • Michael Brand
  • Ken Cottle
  • Dr. Wellington Estey
  • William Pepito
  • Mike Perkins
  • Michael Scherer 

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