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Before we talk about what we do, perhaps we should ask the question, why?

Take a moment out of your busy life and reflect on Why-BSA Fishing Programs are essential.  

Now write down your thoughts on a napkin or piece of paper.

After you have recorded your thoughts, please review the following pieces titled 2020-Why-BSA Fishing:

To access the files click below.

2020-Why-BSA Fishing-1 Pager

2020-Why-BSA Fishing-4 Pager

How did your response compare to ours?

Now that we understand the Why. Let's go FISHING!

Great Fishing Basics(Fresh Water), aka Drowning Worms 101

Fishing Basics consists of a Power Point presentation and a Instructor’s Guide to teach fresh water fishing. 

It is appropriate for Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts.  This is hands on, group participation program which takes from an hour to an hour and a half to present.

The program is designed to give a student who has never fished the skills and knowledge, both practical and ethical, to go to a pond and be immediately successful. 

It is expected that the instructor will schedule a follow up fishing trip to a pond to allow the Scouts to apply what they have learned.  FISH ON!

The Instructor’s Guide gives the leader a road map to present the course.  A materials list is included at the end of the Instructor’s Guide

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